max is a free repository that places content and user experience first. Our main intention is to help you succeed by offering examples, tutoring, calculators, and resources. We offer low-cost quality tutoring to support you through your journey. If you are unable to afford tutoring, we would love to offer reduced or free tutoring to support you.
Our resource repository is still growing. With your support, we will soon be able to expand.

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max is a free repository that places content and user experience first. Whether or not you prefer learning on your own, our main intention is to help you succeed by offering examples, tutoring, essay reading, calculators, and other resources. max tutoring is completely free, and our essay reading services come at a small cost. If you are unable to pay for any of our paid services, we can offer financial aid.
Our resource repository is still growing. With your support, we will soon be able to expand our resources to other disciplines.

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Is studying on your own not working? Don't worry, max has got you covered! max offers high-quality tutoring completely FREE (we do have premium subjects). Our tutors are eligible to tutor in these subjects because they not only excelled in the subject, but are also passionate about the course and are willing to help. Compared to other tutoring services, max only charges $15 an hour for our premium subjects. Once again, most of our subjects are completely free. Our main intention with tutoring is to help you with the material while also providing tips and guidelines for standardized exams and school-based exams. If you are unable to pay for tutoring, we offer reduced pricing and free tutoring to support you.

Tutoring available for

Calculus 01

Calculus 02

Calculus 03




HS Math



*Physics and biology are not offered yet. More subjects will be added as we grow.


Do you need someone to edit your essays? max has got you covered. Our editors will check everything from basic grammar to your analysis. Our goal with essays is to help you achieve your highest possible score, and to provide feedback that you can use for future essays. Essays are not a free service, and pricing is based upon the type of essay and word count. If you are unable to pay for tutoring, we may be able to assist you financially.


Do you need an extra resource for examples and practice problems? Well, max has got you covered. max understands that your instructor can't cover every type of question for a given topic, but we can give it a shot. On this site, for free, you can access all of our examples with guided solutions to help you better understand the material. On top of that, max offers free study sheets to help you better prepare for exams. Our example pages are designed with your experience in mind; therefore, we offer features such as dark mode and text resizing to support your learning experience.

Examples and study sheets are offered for

Calculus 01

Calculus 01 is one of the most difficult of the three calculus courses because its concepts are new to many students. Without practice, students won't be able to wrap their heads around these strange new concepts. max helps students by providing practice problems with solutions, while also offering a tutor, if needed. max provides a variety of examples that focus on AP® Calculus AB, the calculus component of IB® Mathematics: analysis and approaches SL, and general calculus 01 courses. This course is in preview mode since we are still making it better. Feel free to provide suggestions.

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Calculus 02

Calculus 02 becomes easier to comprehend since students have had time to thoroughly understand the fundamental concepts; however, calculus 02 is still quite challenging. That's why max is here. max helps students by providing practice problems with solutions, while also offering a large variety of examples. max's examples, practice problems, and study sheets are aligned with the AP® Calculus BC curriculum but are still beneficial to other calculus 02 students. This course is in development.

Coming Soon

Calculus 03

Calculus 03 can either be easy or hard, depending on the student. Some students, who have powerful visualization skills might say that the course isn't too challenging; however, students who don't have a strong suit for visualization can sometimes face difficulties while taking the class. But not to worry, max is here. max provides examples, practice problems and study sheets to help students develop their visualization and other important skill required to do well in the class. Our resources are aligned with the curriculum of general calculus 03 courses. This course is in development.

Coming Soon


Chemistry is a troublesome course for students because the steps to solve chemistry problems can vary greatly. On top of that, concepts in chemistry can sometimes be too complex to understand and visualize, which challenges students even more. But max is here to help you master those concepts and build up the necessary problem-solving strategies. For now, max provides tutoring, but soon max will also provides guides on how to solve various types of problems while also offering a plethora of examples. max's practice problems, study sheets, and examples will be aligned with AP® Chemistry, IB® Chemistry, and any other general chemistry course. This course is being planned.

Coming Spring 2021


max provides one more free resource for students. In our resources pages, you can find everything from tips to writing IB® essays to in-depth solutions for AP® FRQs. Specifically for IB®, we are hosting a community built collection of donated EEs, IAs, and ToK Essays to help you write your essay. You can also find prep material for the ACT® and the SAT®. In the coming weeks our next resource will open up: max docs. max docs is our video collection that encompasses all the fun topics in science, mathematics, and other subjects. All of our resources are free to download and are responsibly sourced.

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